Early detection by a dental hygienist can lead to effective treatment and the control of periodontal disease, in turn, preventing many of the health and life threatening diseases associated with it.
In addition to helping patients understand the connection between oral health care and overall health, dental hygienists educate patients about proper oral hygiene and treat periodontal disease to prevent the condition from advancing and complicating other diseases.

The education is carried out in Schools of Dental Hygiene. The training lasts for three years and includes a wide range of topics including anatomy, immunology, causes and treatment of tooth decay and gum disease. Specific clinical training includes the removal of plaque and tartar using dental instruments. The use of ultrasonic scalers, the application of fluoride and other procedures relating to tooth cleaning and polishing.
The role of the dental hygienist is under constant review to develop and encourage additional clinical skills and involvement as an important member of the professional primary healthcare team.

Attention, not everybody who cleans your teeth is a certified dental hygienist.

There is an other dental member in a dental team called a Prophylaxis Assistant.
A Prophylaxis Assistant is a Dental Assistant with a six week training to learn how to remove plaque and hard material only above the gums.

On this website only federal certified dental hygienist SSO/SRK will be listed.