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Why Clean-Teeth?

  • You would like to choose your dental hygienist!
  • You are looking for a dental hygienist near by your home or office!
  • Your dentist doesn’t have a dental hygienist!
  • You prefer to keep your dentist, but change the dental hygienist!
  • You are looking for a new dentist!
  • You would like to check out a new clinic!
  • You prefer privacy more then going to an open clinic!

Clean Teeth is an information platform about oral health and offers you the possibility to book appointments online with your dental hygienist around the clock, seven days a week, fast and simple.

Working together with Swiss dental offices and Dental Hygiene schools, we offer you access and insight of a private office without obligations to services performed by a dentist.

Attention, not everybody who cleans your teeth is a certified dental hygienist.

On this website only federal certified SSO/SRK dental hygienist will be listed.

In a private dental office the dental hygienist works together with a dentist and his team with the